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Weapon Mastery in PUBG is arriving for Consoles with the next update

weapon mastery in pubg

A couple of months ago weapon mastery in PUBG was added for the PC version. Back then, none knew that it will be one of the community sought features. Since the addition of weapon mastery in PUBG, it has been immensely appreciated by the community. So, after two long months, developers have decided to avail this feature for the console gamers.

What is Weapon Mastery?

It can be considered as one of the best innovative features of the game. Weapon Mastery is a progressive system of the guns that the players use. Many of the gamers like to use M416, some like to use AKM, whereas some are really good with shotguns. Until the arrival of weapon mastery system, there was nothing where the players could gauge their levels with any particular gun. Thanks to weapon mastery, now the players can check how good they are with a particular gun. The official statement says,

Weapon Mastery is a brand new progression feature in PUBG with unique, free rewards. Our goals for Weapon Mastery are simple: give players an avenue for improving their weapon skills and celebrate the journey along the way.

After Weapon Mastery goes live, you’ll notice every weapon now has a series of levels that players can progress through by dealing damage and defeating opponents. It’s important to note however that both strategy and precision also have an influence on how quickly you level up your weapons. Weapon Mastery aims to encourage healthy play in PUBG where both weapon skill and the effort to be the last man standing are rewarded in tandem. Shoot enemies, stay alive, get cool stuff.

With the progress levels, players will also be able to unlock some exclusive rewards. Rewards contain Charms, mastery emblems, and medals. And guess what, developers have also mentioned that none of these rewards will ever be purchasable with money.

Weapon mastery in PUBG for the console gamers is expected to arrive with the June 27th content update. So, get ready for this amazing experience. And don’t forget to let us know your feedback in the comments below!

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