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PUBG Mobile Club Open Indian region group stage results are out: Team Insidious is at the top

PUBG Mobile club open

PUBG Mobile club open

After two-week long group stage qualifiers in the Indian region of PUBG Mobile Club Open, the final results are out. 24 teams are now advanced from the pool of 32. All the 32 teams played very well, but yeah all of them did not have luck with them in this tournament.

PUBG Mobile Club Open is the biggest tournament initiative of Tencent after the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge. Teams have been invited from the 6 different regions across the world, battling their way towards the group, stage. Now, the group stage result for the Indian region is out. Team Insidious is leading with 310 points, followed by Team Hydra with 287 points.  Week 1 topper Team Mind is standing at 3rd position with 282 points.

So, let us take a look at the 24 qualified teams.

  1. Team Insidious – 310 Points.
  2. Hydra – 287 Points.
  3. Team Mind – 282 Points
  4. Ninjas In Pyjamas – 253 Points.
  5. Coming Soon – 231 Points.
  6. Learn From Past – 217 Points.
  7. 8Bit – 192 points.
  8. ISO – 189 Points.
  9. Big Evil Fellas – 189 Points.
  10. Pain Retribution – 188 Points.
  11. ZFX Evolution – 187 Points.
  12. The Brawlers – 187 Points.
  13. RIP Official – 169 Points.
  14. Skul – 156 Points.
  15. Gods Reign – 153 Points.
  16. Flaw Official – 153 Points.
  17. GODL – 158 Points.
  18. Pixl Spades – 144 Points.
  19. Swat Official – 142 Points.
  20. ORB – 140 Points.
  21. Team Soul – 137 Points.
  22. Daku Official – 136 Points.
  23. Pain eSports – 134 Points.
  24. Aao Kavi Haveli Pe – 119 Points.

Team Insidious played extremely well in the second week. After standing at 13th position after the first week, they made their way to the top. This is pretty impressive. However, a lot was expected from Soul Mortal’s Team Soul, the winner of PUBG Mobile India Series. Team Soul stood at 5th place after week one. But it seems like, the second week did not go well for them, finishing the group stage at 21st position.

The next round of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019, that is Semifinals, will start from May 10 and it will continue until May 19. As we are already seeing lots of ups and down in the leaderboard position, it will be surely fun to watch the games to see who is going to sit on the iron throne of the Indian region.

Featured Image Source: PUBG Mobile Official

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