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PUBG Mobile offers exciting New Events including a Diwali gift

Tencent revealed the much-anticipated 0.9.0 update, keeping in mind that to leave a great deal of Halloween themed features around in this latest update, and even has something in store for the giant audience and users of the game in India, with Diwali coming soon.

In what is known as the “Diwali Dhamaka Offer”, PUBG brings for the players another outfit that will be available in the in-game store. Although it might come across to you as somewhat odd, quite surprisingly. Nevertheless, your character can now wear a kurta-pajama throughout your matches.

It surely is the most commonly relatable ethnic outfit for the Indian users for Diwali. But it might make you cringe, seeing your character play a Battle Royale match in that outfit, however Tencent intended it to be. Even the coupon isn’t very affordable, by any way you look at the deal. It will cost you 499 UC (PUGB cash) which roughly converts to as much as Rs. 600. Now that is nearly as much as you’d spend for a real kurta.




On top of that, there are three events for you to get Diwali exclusive contents. The first one goes by the name “Diwali: Stayin’ Alive” and has four survival challenges. True to it’s name, you would simply have to last in Classic Duo matches for certain amount of time to win these challenges. Players get rewards for surviving a time of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 90 minutes and 200 minutes.

However, the “Diwali: Lonewolf” challenge, will complete with the player finishing once in the best 5 or 10, and 2 matches in best 1 or 5. Rewards such as coins and crates can be won for this challenge in Classic Solo matches exclusively.

Finally, the last event is the “Diwali: Terminator” challenge which will win you 300 coins for getting 10 kills, and 700 for getting 20 kills. Players can similarly win a crate for having a total kill of 30 and a soldier’s case for getting 40 kills.

But Diwali being the Festival of Lights, we feel that Tencent could have done just a little better than the current update. In any case, this update will surely be exciting for those playing in family gatherings and enjoying the fireworks in Diwali.

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