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OG will face OpenAI Five tonight

OG will face OpenAI Five

Tonight at 11:00 PM IST, winners of The International 2018, OG will face against OpenAI Five.

Anyone who follows Dota 2 or esports in general would know that OG is one of the best esports team in the world. Founded in 2015, this team would go on to achieve 1st place in four Dota Major Championships, viz, Frankfurt, Manila, Boston, Kiev. OG’s most notable achievement is being the champion of The International 2018. As part of a live showmatch in San Francisco, this team is going to face OpenAI Five for a competitive 5-on-5 Dota 2 match.

What is OpenAI Five ?

Here is a brief description of OpenAI Five as stated in their official website.

“OpenAI Five is a team of five artificial neural networks, which you can think of as simulated “brains” which our team has designed to be well-shaped for learning Dota but start with no knowledge. OpenAI Five sees the world as a list of 20,000 numbers which encode the visible game state (limited to the information a human player is permitted to see), and chooses an action by emitting a list of 8 numbers. The OpenAI team writes code which maps between game state/actions and lists of numbers. Once trained, these neural networks are creatures of pure instinct—their neural networks implement memory but do not otherwise learn further. They play as a team, but we do not design special communication structures—only provide them with an incentive.”

As of 2018, OpenAI Five consists 128000 preemptible CPU cores on GCP and gathers 180 years of gameplay experience per day ! The OpenAI 1v1 Bot has previously defeated famous Dota 2 players in one-on-one competitions. However, the OpenAI Five team has faced defeat while playing against paiN Gaming and a Chinese all-star team in Vancouver. They are yet to face OG a few hours from now.

Reaction from OG

While fans are concerned whether a team of AI would actually be able to defeat their favorite esports team, OG is all warmed up and excited for the showdown.

“As a professional gamer it goes without saying that I have been confronted with different kinds of AIs my whole life,” said team coach Sebastien ‘Ceb’ Debs. “Being able to challenge a very advanced one at my own game seems like a dream come true. I am both grateful and impatient. Let the best minds win !”

Team captain Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein stated, “If the machine’s purpose is to win then we have something in common, we will be doing what we do best and settle our internal arguments about how potent a machine can be at Dota”.

The Showdown

As mentioned above, the face-off is going to take place tonight at 11 PM IST in San Francisco. However, it is to be noted that the match would not feature all the complexities of Dota 2. It would be played with certain set of rules and limitations which will be revealed at the time of the event.

Both OG and OpenAI Five developers are working hard for the preparation of this showdown as this would reveal who is superior, the best Dota 2 team of 2018 or a team of five AIs. No matter who wins, the day would end with a positive note since both team OG and OpenAI Five developers are going to return home with good memories and a completely new experience.

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