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Minecraft Earth closed beta begins this month

It has been a couple months since we first heard about Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality mobile game based on Mojang’s hugely popular series. The game that will try and recapture the magic that made Pokemon GO one of the most popular and profitable mobile games in history. Minecraft Earth is being developed by the same developer as Pokemon GO.

Now, Mojang has released a short video that shows off some of the gameplay and details about the game. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Pokemon GO. When you walk around in Minecraft Earth, it shows a map that reflects our real-world environment using a Minecraft block aesthetic. On that map, you will find numerous “tappables”. Tappables are objects that you can tap on the screen and get rewards such as blocks, mobs and other items from the game.

You can then utilize these objects and build stuff on build plates. Build plates are the spaces where you’ll be able to build in Minecraft Earth. You’ll have to build a miniature version of whatever you’re going to build on a small flat surface before placing the life-sized build plates in the real world. Just like the main game, there will be different biomes in Minecraft Earth too. The players will also have an option to collect and change skins.

Details about the closed beta:

Along with the new trailer that released, the company confirmed the date. Minecraft Earth closed beta will be out on July 25 on iOS. The closed beta for the Android version will be out sometime after iOS. This closed beta is a trial phase to ensure that the game functions properly at launch. Only some people will be able to access the beta. If you sign up for the closed beta, you’ll also get an exclusive skin.

For getting a chance to participate in the closed beta, go to Minecraft Earth’s official website and fill in the details. The beta testers will be selected at random. Before signing up, make sure your mobile device meets the minimum requirements. The beta of Minecraft Earth is only available for phones with iOS 10, Android 7.0 or more current versions of these two operating systems. A Microsoft account is also required to play Minecraft Earth.

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