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LoL vs Strife

LoL vs Strife: In this article, we will be comparing two very popular MOBA games of all time. Both the games are considered very addictive, but they are also considered very rewarding by certain audiences. However, LoL and Strife, both offer a different variety of truly enjoyable experiences, and in this article, we will be comparing these 2 games.

League of Legends

Credits: Riot Games

League of Legends was inspired from the original Warcraft 3 mod – Dota. A few programmers who were working on Dota decided to leave that project in IceFrog’s hands and moved over to Riot Games to develop League of Legends.

League of Legends is beginner friendly MOBA game. The skill curve is not so steep, and even new players can enjoy the game after playing just a few matches.

LoL was released before HotS. Hence, League of Legends acquired a massive fanbase, before HotS could even begin the race. However, Hots was still quite popular and gave a good competition to League of Legends after its release.

Gameplay-wise, League removed many of the complicated gameplay elements from the original Dota, and made an interesting and welcoming game of a trending genre.


Credits: S2 Games

Strife was developed by the creators of Heroes of Newerth, S2 Games. Strife was created primarily for the casual player-base of the MOBA genre. Many gameplay elements were introduced in the game with the primary motive of reducing toxicity. There were also a lot of elements that focused on activity out of a match, like Pets and Crafting.


LoL vs Strife: Both LoL and Strife are incredible games. I think you should give them both a try. However, personally I am a huge LoL fan, and I think hardcore gamers would like LoL better than Strife.

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