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Kolkata kicks off 2020 with Cooler Master Influencer Meetup

Cooler Master products showcase

For the past few years, Kolkata has been witnessing a steady growth when it comes to gaming and esports. It is very common for colleges nowadays to organize gaming tournaments based on the most popular esports titles with huge prize pools, during college fests. Retailers have been hosting store events to promote themselves and to interact with their customers. Brands have been more than forthcoming to sponsor events, both in small and large scale. There have been numerous events related to gaming throughout these past few years. Summing up the total number of events and comparing them with the number of months, the current average comes down to at least one event per month. It’s not even the end of January 2020 and the city of Kolkata already got a head start with the Cooler Master Influencer Meetup.

Cooler Master Influencer Meetup was an invite only event for influencers and content creators which took place on January 17, 2020, at OYO Townhouse 011, Sudder Street, Kolkata. The event was hosted by Cooler Master in collaboration with Vedant Computers. Cooler Master, as we all know, is a hardware manufacturing company that makes various kinds of hardware such as CPU coolers, computer cases, keyboards, mouse, etc. Vedant Computers is one of the leading retailers in Kolkata that sells all kinds of computer products as well as other electronic gadgets. eSportsPortal was the official Media Partner for this event and L.A.G (League of Amazing Gamers) was the Community Partner.

The event started with a presentation by Cooler Master where they gave us a brief history about how their brand started and what are the accomplishments that they have to their name. The presentation also gave us some details about various Cooler Master products, both old ones as well as the new ones. During the presentation, they also addressed their recent reports which stated that many of their computer cases will feature addressable LEDs where individual LEDs can be controlled and will sync with your games, movies, and other similar tasks. Some of their cabinets come with ARGB fans out of the box and this feature will be added to other cabinets with time. Some of their latest as well as popular hardware products were showcased live, such as the MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage, MasterLiquid ML240R RGB, Master Liquid Maker 240, MasterAir MA620M, Hyper H410R RGB, MasterFan SF120M, the MS110 keyboard, the CM110 mouse, the MWE White 450 PSU, the K501L cabinet, and the TD 500 Mesh.

This was followed by Vedant Computer’s presentation where they talked about their clientele and how they aim to work in collaboration with them to know their opinion and grow their business further, while continuing to provide people with the required hardware. Soon after the presentation, there was an interactive session where the event attendees put forward their queries to Cooler Master and Vedant Computers. Some of the attendees came forward and spoke about themselves, their journey with the gaming community in Kolkata, and what are the steps that we can take to further grow the community.

The event ended with a lunch buffet over which both the attendees as well as the organizers further discussed their views and plans with regards to gaming events in the city.

As their Media Partner, we asked them some questions regarding their objective for hosting Cooler Master Influencer Meetup and their future plans, if any, regarding similar events. Here’s what they had to say –

“We wanted to bring the entire community under one roof; influencers, streamers, bloggers, and gamers. Our main goal was to know from the community there thoughts about esports, and development of gaming and related businesses in eastern India. We also wanted to showcase our latest products and hear their (the community’s) opinions about those. And we got an amazing response from the community. Everyone we invited was present at the event and the best part is, they enjoyed the event. We are looking forward to hosting more events in the near future, starting with some in March or April this year. If the response is good, we’ll organize our future events on a much larger scale than we did before.”  – Praloy Saha, East India Channel Manager, Cooler Master.


“Our main objective was to organize an event which caters to the gamers, creators, PC enthusiasts, professionals, and bring them under the same umbrella. We received an amazing response. It was very enjoyable to see like-minded people interacting together and getting along. We plan to host more events in order to increase the exposure and enthusiasm in our community. We (Vedant Computers) thrive in providing the best rigs which makes the most out of the buyers’ budget by offering unmatched value for money. We are also looking into pre-built systems (PCs).” – Aviroop Mandal, Marketing Manager, Vedant Computers.

As for my personal opinion, the Cooler Master Influencer Meetup is the exact kind of event we need on a regular basis. In addition to other gaming events that keep on taking place in this city, events such as this gives the brands first hand knowledge about what exactly their customers want and how they can further improve their service. The event was amazing, especially the interactive Q&A session. We are proud to be the Media Partner for this event and are looking forward to future collaborations.

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