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How to fix Roblox Error Code 610


For people who are deep into playing indie video games or creating indie video games, Roblox is one of the best platforms that they can make use of. Developed and published by Roblox Corporation, Roblox is a massively multiplayer online platform where users can create video games and publish them, as well play the games created by other users. The platform features a wide variety of video game genres just like any other video game platform, and features in-game content like microtransactions. Roblox has helped many independent developers earn money through the publication of their video games. Since over a year ago, several users have come across a certain error titled Error Code 610 which does not allow them to launch a game via Roblox.

Credits: Windows Helper

Error 610 can occur regardless of which game you want to launch via Roblox. This error can take place due to various reasons including server issues from Roblox’s end to account glitches.

Here are some steps that might help you resolve this issue –

            Many people who have faced error code 610 turned out to be using Roblox via their web browser. Using the Roblox application in their computer instead of the browser can solve the ongoing issue with Roblox. Note that this is applicable only for Windows 10 users.

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Search for Microsoft Store and open it up.
  3. Once inside Microsoft Store, search for Roblox.
  4. Download and install Roblox from Microsoft Store.
  5. Launch Roblox via Microsoft Store.

           Sometimes, the solution to error code 610 can be as simple as re-logging into Roblox. It is not quite certain as to what the root of the issue is in this case, but re-logging into your account can solve the issue, then you should surely try it out.

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the Roblox window and select Logout.
  2. Refresh your web page.
  3. Now log in to Roblox again.

 Saved DNS addresses, on some occasions, can also result in error 610 while trying to launch a game in Roblox. Flushing those addresses can solve the issue.

  1. Open Command Prompt on your computer. You can do it by directly searching in the Start menu. Or you open the Run window by pressing Ctrl + R, type cmd in it and click on OK.
  2. In Command Prompt, type the following command – ifconfig/flushdns.
  3. Log out of your internet login page and re-login. Restart your web browser.
  4. Log in to Roblox again.

Atleast one of the above solutions should let you run a game in Roblox again, thereby, solving error 610 once and for all. You can go back to enjoying the numerous indie games that you’ve been playing in Roblox, or maybe it’s time you decided to create one yourself.

Cover Image Credits: Roblox

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