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How to Fix Discord JavaScript Error


Error Code Explained

The “Discord JavaScript Error” often appears when a user wants to install or run Discord. There is no specific information available on the official website regarding the cause of this error.

Listed below are few fixes which some users found to be working.

Solution 1: Add Discord to Exclusion List of Antivirus

Few users reported that their antivirus program, mostly Avast, quarantined some files of discord. Since these files were no longer accessible by discord, the users came across the “Discord JavaScript Error”.

In this situation, the user will have to add “Discord” to a trusted list or something similar depending on the Antivirus program they are using. In case, the files are already quarantined, the user will have to open the quarantine list, search for discord’s files and restore them.

In case of Avast, the user must locate the files and whitelist them in order to continue with the installation. Follow the steps below to do so:

Avast antivirus has an Exclusion list feature. Any applications added here won’t be scanned during Virus scan procedures. If this is not done, then Avast will quarantine the files again and again. Follow the steps below to add applications and files to the exclusion list.

P.S: In case the user is not able to add files to exclusion, then they will have to uninstall the antivirus and install it after installing Discord.

Solution 2: For Windows Server Users

Solution 3: Reinstall Discord

This is the only solution which worked for most of the users to solve the Discord JavaScript Error.

Following the above steps shall help the user to uninstall “Discord” along with all of its temporary files.

Now install Discord and check if the error still pops up.

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