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Forza Horizon 4 vs Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Horizon 4 vs Forza Motorsport 7: In this article, we will be comparing two very popular Racing games. However, Forza Motorsport 7 is fighting a really tough opponent here, as we all know how popular Forza Horizon 4 currently is. But is Forza Horizon 4 better than Forza Motorsport 7 at gameplay? Let’s find out.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon is an open world racing game, set in a fictionalised Great Britain, with regions that include condensed representations of Edinburgh, the Lake District, and the Cotswolds, among others. Forza Horizon 4 was developed by Playground Games. It features over 450 licensed cars and a route creator which enables players to create their own races.

The game is playable in offline mode, but the multiplayer shared world is where the real fun is. Players get a chance to buy in-game houses which unlock new items, cars and other perks. The game also features a dynamic weather system that also depicts the change of seasons. The environment in the world will change depending on the season.

Forza Horizon 4 was received very well by both the Xbox and PC audience. It has a Metacritic rating of 92/100 for Xbox One and 87/100 for PC.

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 is a racing game developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. Forza Motorsport 7 came out before Forza Horizon 4 and was released on Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Since it’s an earlier entry into the Forza racing game series, it lacked the open world concept.

However, Forza Motorsport 7 featured 700 cars and more than 200 different configurations to race on across 32 locations.

Forza Motorsport 7 also received favourable reviews from both the PC audience and the Xbox audience. It has a Metacritic rating of 86/100 for Xbox One and 82/100 for PC.


Forza Horizon 4 vs Forza Motorsport 7: Even though both Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 are both from the same genre and series, they feel like two completely different games. Both the games are amazing and it is very hard to choose among them.

Personally, I prefer Forza Horizon 4 over Forza Motorsport 7 because I prefer that game and I have put in a lot of hours into it. However, gameplay-wise, both the games offer an equal amount of entertainment value. However, if you haven’t played games, I suggest you to try Forza Horizon 4.

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