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Fortnite VS Apex Legends – Who is the Winner?

fortnite vs apex legends


Apex Legends is the new big battle royale that has gained a lot of popularity amongst casual and professional gamers. It’s already made huge achievements and might just cross Epic Games’ Fortnite. Surpassing Fortnite is not going to be an easy and small task, since the game has broken a lot of records and even went on to win 2018’s GOTY. We will compare both games (Fortnite VS Apex) to some depth and answer which game might be better for you.

Fortnite VS Apex Visuals and Graphics

Credits: imgnooz

Fans would agree that there is a charm in the way that Fortnite doesn’t take itself too seriously. However unreal it might be, it feels awesome to wear funky outfits with dazzling weapons despite the cartoonish graphics. In the same area, Apex Legends has gone to make their world much more realistic.

Credits: psu

Kings Canyon is much more suited for the traditional fps players that prefer realistic graphics. The skins, outfits environment has been tried to be as realistic as possible, and it actually looks amazing.

Fortnite VS Apex Revive and Respawning

Credits: Polygon

Respawning is an exciting feature in Apex that certainly helps a lot. Although in both games, downed teammates can be revived, it is in Apex that you can respawn your dead teammate. You just need to grab their banner from their death box and go to the nearest respawn beacon. It takes a few seconds to do it, so keep a watch. The teammate is back in the game, without any equipment. Where in Fortnite, you can’t come back if you die.


Credits: MP1st

Apex Legends’ gameplay is very different than Fortnite, but the most obvious difference is that Apex is a first-person shooter while Fortnite plays in third-person. Fortnite vs Apex in this case, is basically at a standstill. It is just a matter of the player’s preference here. Both have their respective pros and cons.

Credits: GamingBolt

The third-person gameplay can be more easy and user-friendly for all gamers. Though again, the gamers that prefer realism should go for fps.

Fortnite VS Apex Building and Destruction

Credits: Polygon

Fortnite has one unique feature of all the battle royales, the ability to build. Many players don’t appreciate this feature, but skilled players have used this in unbelievable plays. Building walls, ramps etc. fast and efficiently requires a lot of skill that many people overlook. The interesting thing is that you can take down your constructions, houses, vehicles and everything else as well.

The only thing you can destroy in Apex are the doors. We don’t think that EA will put in the building feature in Apex as it revolves around realism, but you never know.

Fortnite VS Apex Characters and Skills

Credits: EA

The Legends in Apex Legends have unique personalities and even backstories. Each have a set of quips, finishers, intros etc which makes it exciting. These legends also communicate with each other by themselves in the matches, like zone distance, enemy position, the distance between the teammates etc. that helps in the matches.

The Characters in Fortnite look different from each other, but that is just about it. They are not any different in any way from each other in terms of personalities or skills. In Apex, each legend has a unique set of skills which plays into game strategies in many important ways. Lifeline’s health companion can save you some meds to fill up your health, Mirage’s hologram confuse enemies, tipping the scales in your favor and Wraith’s portals can be your escape from tight spots.

Which is better (Fortnite VS Apex Legends)?

Although both games are in the same genre, they have very different purposes and audiences. Since they are both free to play, you can enjoy them both. Traditional FPS players will prefer Apex, while for the younger player-base, Fortnite works like a charm.

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