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Everything you need to know about Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Crash Arena Turbo Stars (C.A.T.S) is a mobile game developed and published by ZeptoLab, the makers of the infamous Cut The Rope and Kings of Thieves. It is available on both Android and iOS. CATS offers not only beautiful graphics and animations, but it also combines enough strategy, action and machine building factors to make it a ton of fun for all kinds of mobile gamers.

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CATS is all about building your own epic battle carts and smashing them against one another. There are rockets, buzzsaws, lasers, drills, chainsaws and tons of other weapons you can equip to make your very own destructive cart. Aside from weapons, there are also various wheels and tires, body shapes as well as stickers to customize your battle cart.

Objectives of the game

Once you have made it through the tutorial, the game becomes relatively self explanatory, kind of. By no means this is a game for everybody, however, if you enjoy building carts/cars and at the same time love to watch what you build destroy other players vehicle then you’re looking at the right game. After building your desirable vehicle, simply tap the screen to start, sit back and watch. Don’t let these simple mechanics fool you, they can be surprisingly complex as you progress in the game. The good thing is, the fights are relatively quick and in most cases making it really easy to get more parts as you go on. But if a fight takes too long, the first one to hit the wall will eventually lose.

Building your own battle cart

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Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first try, trust us, we failed multiple times too. At the start you will catch yourself experimenting with the machine and go to use it only to find it is it completely useless and worthless. Of course, while you are trying out several builds, attempt them in Quick Fight and not a Championship. You wouldn’t want to lose you rank on trash builds. A little tip to avoid ending up in a spot whereby your cart is on it’s back and unable to do anything. You might want to make sure to build your machine with balance, quite literally.

Understanding what you want

The first thing for you to do would be to think long and hard about what size is your body going to be. This might seem redundant but, trust us, it’s not. You would need to pick one that suits you and at the same time pick one that works with the parts you currently own. For example, picking a small body and equipping large wheels to it can mess you up. Enabling your opponent to flip your cart to it’s back and unable to hit your opponent with anything. So you want to make sure you have a matching ratio when it comes to size. Equipping it with a lot of weapons does not mean that you will win, you might just throw your machine off balance and losing the match.

Tip: Do not use two different size wheels for your cart.

Streak of losses

It’s absolutely normal and we are dead serious. Whether in Quick Fights or Championship Battles, you will need to take note what type or builds of vehicles that seem to be defeating you. If the difference is mainly in weapon damage or health, you may need to upgrade your components. However, if it is a feature, for example, vehicles with forklifts or some body type that you seem to be losing to, you might need to modify yours to lower down your chance of losing. With that said, you can’t always find a remedy to the problem but knowing your weakness is probably your best bet to win a fight.

Championship Mode

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There are 24 different stages for you to move through. As you move up the stages, the game will reward you with valuable resources like gems and coins. It also unlocks vehicle tiers. Just like most games out there, the starting is always a piece of cake but it becomes trickier the higher you get.

There are 2 methods of getting promoted.

1 – Big fight and win all 14 battles

2 – Top ranked player in your group at the end of a season

Tips and tricks in championship fights

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Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. That’s all there is to it to be honest. As you progress through the ranks, you will have to start upgrading your vehicle and it’s parts in order to keep your win streak going. This is done by fusing parts together. Your vehicle’s health is important, obviously, but you will be surprised. Many choose to upgrade weapons instead of the wheels and chassis which contributes the most to your vehicle’s health. Fusing and experimenting, while exploring your different options with fusing, do test out which particular part gives you more value in terms of stats.

Promotion tips

Quick battles are your best friend in this game. It is a great way to practice and improve your builds and at the same time gaining valuable rewards. You move up in levels by winning Quick battles and earning Rating points. To accumulate more rating points, you have to find the build that allows you to keep winning. Once you find it, keep playing and keep the streak going, each time you win with a streak you gain more rating points. Rating points are accumulated until 40 or up until you break your streak.


It’s up to you to decide if you want to go offensive or defensive build but like what most people say, the best defense is offense. With that said, no matter what type of play style you choose, make sure you are having fun with the game. If you like what you are reading, click here for more mobile related articles.

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