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How to fix error code GUITAR

Error Code GUITAR is one of the lesser-known errors as it started showing up after a recent update of Destiny 2. Players were getting kicked off the server mid game. This in-turn led to the players forfeiting the match and losing their progress. Until recently, Bungie themselves had no clue as to why this happened.

This error code pops up when there are too many items on the ground that are not picked up in an activity, say Gambit. So, the obvious solution would be to make sure that these items are being picked up from the ground in the activities where you are facing the Guitar error. The items which might lead to this error on being left are:

The guitar error is a major issue during the final encounter of “Last Wish” as the server crashes showing the same error code, Guitar, to all the players on it. The server crashes when encounter-specific  left over objects from the Riven fight reach a certain limit.

For some the error code might show up time and again even after taking care of the above case. Solution for such cases are given below.

Solution 1: Restart Destiny 2

This method is common across all platforms. Restarting a game refreshes few files and re-establishes the client to server connection.

Solution 2: Reinstall Destiny 2

If someone has no clue why the error is showing up and the above conditions are taken care of then the only way out might be to reinstall the game. Reinstalling a game usually fixes these small errors as the error might be due to some corrupted file.

Solution 3: Clearing Console Cache

Featured Image Credits: Bungie

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