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Overview of Dota patch 7.20c

Even after 7.20b, a lot of heroes and items were imbalanced and 7.20c is here to fix that. I will be covering most of the important changes from 7.20c in this article.

Item Changes:


Wraith Band, Bracer and Null Talisman

All 3 of these items became extremely efficient after the new bonuses were added to them. Most of the players like to make 2 or 4 of these items and go ham in the early game. These items definitely deserved these nerfs and I am expecting them to get more nerfs in the next few patches.


Sange, Yasha and Kaya

The multiple Bracers, Wraith Bands and Null Talismans build became super efficient and players started skipping Sange, Yasha and Kaya sometimes, and started going for costlier items like Skadi, Black King Bar and Octarine Core. Although this doesn’t always happen, these mid-tier items definitely needed a buff.


This item got over-nerfed when they removed the respawn time reduction and pocket deny in 7.20. The Mana Regen rework in 7.20 also nerfed a lot of Int heroes and hence Bloodstone was rarely getting picked up. Although these buffs are good, I think Bloodstone needs more buffs to be viable.

Hero Changes:


Looks like Ice Frog decided to get rid of the elemental damage mechanic that he added in 7.20 with Cinder Brew. Dota is already very complex and we did not need this extra mechanic in the game. Now any spell in the game can extend the ignite debuff which is good for the hero although he didn’t really need it. Brew is already very strong and I see him in every other game in my pubs currently.

Drow Ranger:

The early game potential of Drow got crushed after the 7.20 changes and the hero is in dire need of some buffs. 20/30/40% chance to do 120 extra physical damage on a hero sounds quite good but I don’t think it will be enough to bring Drow back into the scene.

Elder Titan:

After 7.20, ET became very dangerous in the early game, hitting like a truck after using Astral Spirit. The 7.20c nerfs look decent enough and it might be enough to balance the laning phase for the hero.

Lone Druid:

One of the most OP heroes after 7.20. LD definitely deserved these nerfs. Although I still think he deserves a few more nerfs, atleast we are moving in the right direction.


Another incredibly OP hero after 7.20. Initially, many Meepo spammers got really upset when Geostrike was replaced with Ransack but soon realized that it was actually better. Even after the nerfs in 7.20b, the hero was still strong and these nerfs are definitely justified.

Outworld Devourer:

OD got completely obliterated after the 7.20 changes. These are some really good buffs which will definitely help the hero. Since Arcane Orb can be used on Ancients now, OD will be able to farm faster and also be really helpful in killing Roshan.


Storm is another hero that got completely killed by 7.20. There’s a really good thread on reddit which explains all the reasons that “nerfed Storm Spirit into oblivion” on reddit. These 7.20c buffs look really good and they will help Storm farm faster in the early game but I don’t think it is even close enough to bring Storm back into the game.


This hero became a monster after the leash mechanic was introduced and hex became dispellable. 7.20c nerfed Pounce and Dark Pact but for some reason his Essence Shift got a buff. The talent nerfs look decent and will hurt the hero a lot but I am pretty sure he is still very strong right now.

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