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Dead by Daylight Error Code 8014 – Here’s how to fix the problem

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014 Fix

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014 Fix

Have you been getting an error while trying to play Dead By Daylight that says error code 8014? Other players have been experiencing the same problem, it seems like it has started occurring after the Patch 2.5 – but thankfully this issue can be fixed. Try all the solutions listed below and hopefully, you’ll be able to solve the error code.

Solution 1: Restart Steam

The most common fix for this issue seems to be to restart Steam. To do this, go to Steam, and then select the top-left option on the app that also says ‘Steam’. Here, select the ‘Exit’ button and make sure Steam quits.

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014 Fix

Start Steam again as you normally would, and then try playing a game. This is a common fix but if it doesn’t work, keep on reading.

Solution 2: Start Steam in Administrator mode

The next solution involves giving Steam administrator privileges whenever it launches. To do this, go to the directory where Ste is installed in Windows Explorer. For most users, this is at C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam. Here, right-click on the steam.exe executable file and then go to ‘Properties’. Then select the ‘Compatibility’ tab, where you’ll find the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ setting. Make sure it’s checked with a tickmark, and then select the ‘OK’ button.

Whenever you start Steam next, it will launch with admin privileges.

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014 Fix

Solution 2: Verify integrity of game files in Steam

One solution is to verify the integrity of game files in Steam. To do this, go to ‘Dead By Daylight’ in your Steam Library. Then right-click on its name and select ‘Properties’. In the properties menu, select the ‘Local Files’ submenu. Here, select the second last option that says ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’.

Files of games can get corrupted because of an incorrectly installed update, something the user did, or sometimes it’s just Windows (the operating system) acting up. Whatever it could be, this option in Steam verifies that every single file of the game is correctly installed, and if not, downloads and installs those selected files.

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014 Fix

Solution 3: Restart network systems

Another apparent source of the Error 8014 occurring in Dead By Daylight is because of network issues. To fix this, first, make sure that Windows Firewall isn’t blocking Dead By Daylight in its settings. To do this, go to the ‘Firewall & network protection’ page of Windows Security in Windows 10 OS.

Select ‘Allow an app through firewall’ in this menu. You’ll get a list of many apps – scroll down and find where Dead by Daylight is, and then make sure there’s a tickmark for both Public & Private networks. Apply the changes.

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014 Fix

After this, restart your network connection itself. For people with WIFI Networks, this is as simple as turning off the router, waiting for 10 seconds, and then turning it back on.

Solution 4: Reinstalling the game (last resort)

Reinstalling Dead by Daylight is the last resort to fix this problem. Many users on Steam Community Forums confirmed that reinstalling the game fixed the issue for them, but do try all of the solutions listed above first.

To do this, go to Steam and then your library. Select Dead By Daylight, right-click on the name and go to properties. From here, go to Local Files and select the third option that says ‘Uninstall Game’

Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014 Fix

After uninstalling the game, go to Dead By Daylight in Steam again. Install the game and wait for the download to complete, and then try to launch the game to see if the issue has been fixed.

I hope these solutions help you to fix Dead By Daylight Error Code 8014. If they don’t, go ahead and leave down a comment explaining the error with your PC’s specifications. Thanks for reading!


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