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How to check your behavior score in Dota 2

How to check your behavior score in Dota 2:

Valve has implemented an option in the game that allows you to check your behavior score very easily. However, this does not give you the full picture behind their algorithm. In this article, I will give you all the information we have available on Valve’s matchmaking system based on behavior score and other statistics.

Before that, for anyone who doesn’t know how to check their behavior score, here’s how you do it:

This will display your Conduct Summary. Your Conduct Summary is updated every 10 games.

The big number you see at the center is your behavior score. It is maxed out at 10,000. But you can’t be sure that you won’t find any toxic team-mates in your future matches even if you’re maxed out. Why is that? Let’s find out.

Valve’s Matchmaking system for Dota 2:

Valve’s Matchmaking system tries to find 10 players for a match, depending on two major factors:

The system will try to find players who are in the same skill bracket as you, and who’s behavior score is close to yours.

However, if the system isn’t able to find players with similar behavior score to yours, it will settle for players who are in the same skill bracket as yours. This is because it prioritizes MMR over behavior score.

Hence you might still get toxic players when you have full 10,000 score. This is especially evident in the Divine/Immortal brackets.

How to find more details:

If you aren’t satisfied yet, don’t worry. You can get a lot more information on your behavior score and your account by following these simple steps:

Here you will be able to check out different stats about your account. Like the number of matches you will get when you get into Low Priority, the number of times your account got flagged, the total number of matches you have played etc. I would share an image here, but unfortunately, I have miserable stats, hence I can’t share them.

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