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30 facts you might not know about Dota Auto Chess

Since there isn’t enough information about this beautiful game on the Internet, I compiled a list of interesting facts about Dota Auto Chess. I have tried my best to keep this article factually correct. If you spot any mistake, please feel free to write a comment down below and I will fix it ASAP. Let’s get started with some juicy facts now.

Chess Unit Facts

  1. Techies’ ability ‘Explosive Bomb’ and Tiny’s ‘Toss’ do physical damage to the target(s). This means that the damage can be amplified by armor reduction through the Undead combo, Blight Stone and Desolator.
  2. Batrider’s ability ‘Sticky Napalm’ amplifies his attacks by giving them 50/ 75/100. However, this extra damage is Magic type. This can be amplified by items like Robe of Magi and Kaya.
  3. Troll’s ability ‘Fervor’ gives him increased attack speed per stack if he is attacking the same unit. The attack speed he gets per stack is 15/20/25 AS, and maximum stacks are 6/9/12. This means that a 3-star Troll can get up to 500 attack speed bonus through Fervor.
  4. The stun and damage values for Chaos Knight’s ability ‘Chaos Bolt’ are inversely related. The longer the stun, the lower the damage.
  1. Tusk’s ability ‘Walrus PUNCH!’ grants Tusk True Strike for the attack, which means he cannot miss (against elves). It is also considered as an auto-attack (right click attack), which means that Tusk can apply debuffs like Blight Stone, Robe of the Magi and Desolator on the target unit.
  2. Enchantress’ ability ‘Nature’s Attendants’ summons a cloud of wisps that heal Enchantress and any friendly units nearby for 11 seconds. They heal for 25 HP per second and the number of wisps per level is 3/5/7. A 3-star enchantress can heal up to a total of 1925 HP. The wisps continue to heal all the units in the radius even if Enchantress dies after activating it.
  3. Luna’s ability ‘Moon Glaives’ can bounce back to the same units if all other units nearby have been hit already.
  4. Lycan’s ability ‘Transform’ doesn’t spawn wolves if he is fully surrounded. He requires 2 empty tiles around him for the wolves to spawn.
  5. The same goes for Lone Druid and ‘Summon Spirit Bear.’ The only difference is that Lone Druid will not use the spell until there’s at least one empty tile around him, while Lycan will use his spell but will not summon wolves.
  6. Venomancer’s summoned unit, Plague Ward has a passive ability that reduces the attack speed of the target by 30% for 5 seconds. This ability was recently added (27th February 2019).
  7. Mirana’s ability, Sacred Arrow works in a very unique way. As we all know, every round, your deck battles against one of the remaining players randomly on their chess board. Mirana chooses a target for Sacred Arrow on that particular chessboard.

Synergy Facts

  1. Knights combo: The description of Knights combo has changed a lot through time and it has always been too confusing to understand how their combo ‘Divine Protection’ works. I will give a simple description as to how Divine Protection actually works.

Divine Protection, when triggered, gives a shield to the unit which provides 75% magic resistance and 30 armor for 3 seconds.

When you have 2 or more Knights, the game is programmed to make a roll(s) every 3 seconds with a 30% chance to give your knights a shield.

If you have 2 knights, the game makes a single roll with a 30% chance to trigger the shield. If you have 4 knights, the game makes two 30% chance rolls to trigger the shield. And if you have 6 knights, the game makes three 30% chance rolls to trigger the shield.

In simple terms, the chance of for the shield to proc increases with the number of knights you have on the board (2, 4 or 6).

This also means that you can proc 2 shields with 4 Knights, and 3 shields with 6 Knights because the game rolls twice for 4 Knights and thrice for 6 Knights.

The % chance for atleast 1 shield to proc is 30% for 2 knights, 51% for 4 knights, and 65.7% for 6 knights.

  1. Currently, there is a hidden 6 Orc combo and a 6 Undead combo in the game code. The 6 Orc combo is: Max health points increased by an additional 400 for all friendly orcs. The 6 Undead combo is: Armor decreased by 7 for all enemies.
  2. The 6 Orc combo is currently unachievable but the 6 Undead combo can be achieved by getting a special unit named SSR Necro. There is a 1 in 10 million chance for this unit to appear on your shopping panel. The unit costs 10$ and its ability is Scythe. Scythe does 9999 Pure damage to the target, instantly killing it. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds.


  1. There is another special unit called SSR Chaos Knight which costs 15$. SSR Chaos Knight’s ability is Phantasm. Phantasm makes 3 illusions of the unit which deal full 100% damage and has the same HP as the SSR Chaos Knight. This unit also has a 1 in 10 million chance of appearing on your shopping panel.

Someone just got an ultra rare chaos knight who had phantasm as a spell. Instant lvl 4(?) unit from r/AutoChess

Item Facts

  1. When Mask of Madness was changed on 27th February, self-silence was added. When the update first came out, the self-silence applied on the courier as well, making it impossible to perform any actions if you combined a Quarterstaff and Morbid Mask in the courier’s inventory. Another update was released a few hours later which fixed the issue.
  2. Items like Robe of the Magi and Kaya that put a magic resistance reduction debuff on enemies, only work on the target that your unit is auto-attacking. It does not apply to all the heroes that the unit’s ability hits. This means that giving your Shadow Fiend a Kaya does not apply the debuff to every enemy that is affected by it. Only the target that he is auto-attacking will receive the debuff. This can be observed by selecting the target unit and checking the buffs/debuffs that appear above the health bar.
  3. Items that put debuffs on enemies, like Blight Stone and Robe of the Magi, do not stack with themselves. This means that giving 2 of the same item to a single unit will not increase the magic resistance reduction or armor reduction of the target.

General Facts

  1. The neutral round will not break your win streak if you lose, and neither will it add a victory to your streak if you win.
  2. You can only get up to 10 candy per day.
  3. Previously, you could buy candy on eBay. After the purchase, you would receive a code that can be used in-game to redeem your candy. 3 weeks ago, one of the Auto Chess devs made a reddit thread, informing that their eBay store was closed due to negative feedback.

About Ebay store Update from r/AutoChess

They mentioned that they are working on an application through which players can purchase candy directly. It was supposed to launch on 13th February but it hasn’t released yet.

Currently if you go and check on eBay, 2 listings are still available for Dota Auto Chess Candy – one for 200 candies and one for 640. Both the listings are by the same seller named “fyourdeals” from United States. He has 90% positive feedback but I am not certain if that is legit.

  1. You can get up to 3 extra gold per round for having a win streak or losing streak. The exact amount of gold you get for having a streak is as follows:

  1. Gold is capped at 100. This means that you cannot hold more than 100 gold.
  2. All players draw units from a public pool of units. Once a unit is picked by a player it will be removed from the pool until it is recycled by the player or if the player is eliminated. Each different piece has its own unique pool according to its cost, as shown below.

  1. The chances to draw a unit from the public pool depends on the unit’s gold cost, the total number of units of the same piece which are currently in-use on one of the 8 boards, and the level of your courier. Here’s an an incredible article written by Vincenzo “Skulz” Milella from on hero unit draw chances. It has all the info you need to know on this subject.
  2. Selling a 2-star unit returns 3 of its 1-star counterpart to the pool, and similarly, selling a 3-star unit returns 9 units to the pool. However, Druids are unique in this case. Selling a 3-star Druid only returns 4 of its base units to the pool.
  3. As soon as you upgrade a 2-star unit to a 3-star unit on your board, that unit will never appear on your shopping panel again, unless you bench the unit. It is possible to create two 3-star units of the same chess piece if you keep buying more of the same unit and not upgrade them into a 3-star unit on your board, or bench the 3-star unit if you have already upgraded. Druids are the easiest class to achieve this because you can make a 3-star unit with just 4 of the same chess piece.
  4. There is always a possibility for both of the last two players to lose on their own board in the same round, and take damage to their couriers from the enemy chess units on their boards. It is also possible for both the players to take fatal damage and get to 0% HP at the same time. In this scenario, the first player that gets hit by the damage projectiles released from the enemy chesses on their board will lose and the other player will win, even though they both ended at 0%. Make sure to keep your courier as far away from the battle as possible, so that the projectiles will take max duration to reach your courier.
  5. Currently there’s 6 tiers of ranks in Dota Auto Chess: Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook/Castle, King and Queen. The rank is determined by a hidden MMR points system. The values of these MMR points range from 0 to 3,400. Here’s another incredible article written by Vincenzo “Skulz” Milella from, titled “Dota Auto Chess: Rank System & Distribution.” This article has valuable information on this subject.
  6. Drodo Studio, the developer of Dota Auto Chess also made GemTD and SkateMaster which are very popular Dota 2 custom games.

Drop a like and a comment if you liked this article and want me to do another one. If you like Dota Auto Chess, check out my Advanced Auto Chess Guide and Patch Analysis article. I’d love it if you followed me on Twitter and Facebook . Thanks for reading.

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